The AMMEX Brands

AMMEX – Nitrile, latex and vinyl exam, latex hand specific exam, stretch synthetic exam and industrial, stretch poly, poly and anti-microbial gloves. In addition, a complete line of work gloves, protective coverings, face masks, instant cold compresses, and microfiber towels.

AMMEXCare – Diaper disposal bags, changing table paper, baby wipes and adult wash clothes.

BX3 – Black nitrile industrial grade gloves in both 100 and 200 count boxes.

GlovePlus – Heavy duty nitrile and latex exam gloves, powdered and powder free latex exam gloves, in addition to nitrile and vinyl industrial gloves.

Gloveworks – Heavy duty latex exam gloves, nitrile and latex industrial gloves and retail 10 pack gloves in latex, vinyl and nitrile.

Gloveworks – Orange nitrile industrial gloves.

GPX3- Vinyl industrial gloves in 100 or 200 count boxes.

Heatworks- Air-activated hand and toe warmers.

LX3- Latex industrial gloves.

Xtreme – Powdered and powder free nitrile industrial and extra long nitrile exam gloves.


X3- Nitrile industrial gloves in 100 or 200 count boxes.


  • These gloves are so tough this box may turn out to be a lifetime supply. But then again, my next roll of paper towels may be a lifetime supply, since I'm 67. Seriously, these gloves are tough, and though touted as single use, I've been using the same pair in my woodworking workshop for about two weeks so far. The bright orange color is an added safety measure for me

    AMMEX GWON Gloveworks Orange Nitrile Glove Review
  • The Ammex Heatworks warmers work very good in extreme temps. I have used them in -15 temps and my hands, feet and pocket areas have remained very warm. They seem to last a full day of work of around 7-8 hours which is nice because a lot of warmers last around half of that. Overall this is a very handy product. Longest lasting warmer I have found.

    Ammex HW Heatworks Hand Warmer Reviews
  • These exam grade gloves are very puncture resistant and have an effective texture on the surface of the glove that allowed for a good grip. No powder means no mess and no latex means no worries about latex allergies or sensitivities. A little bit of fun added with the non-traditional indigo color.

    Ammex AINPF Indigo Nitrile Glove Medical Exam Review
  • I use these gloves for various art-making tasks, because my hands are sensitive and get itchy from latex gloves. They worked very, very well. They were snug and smooth and fit like a second skin. Quite happy with these. And I like that they are black!

    Ammex Black Nitrile Disposable Glove Review
  • I've used vinyl gloves before that tear easily. These gloves are way thicker than any glove that I have ever used. I had to change out my garbage disposal for the second time in 18 months! And these gloves helped me do the job. For doing odds and ends around the house I rate this product a 5 star.

    Ammex VPF Vinyl Latex Free Disposable Glove Review
  • These gloves are easy to put on and off. They are very durable and comfortable to wear. Yes, a great way to keep your hands safe!  I give them five stars because I have used other latex gloves and they have been a disaster! But AMMEX gloves are outstanding! Try them and you will see for yourself.

    Ammex VPF Vinyl Latex Free Disposable Glove Review II