AMMEX North American Distribution Centers

AMMEX Corporation has North American Distribution Centers in Seattle, Atlanta and Toronto which are crucial hubs in our supply chain network. As a premier importer and distributor of high quality disposable gloves and barrier protection products, AMMEX moves goods to market more effectively and leverages value-added functions that perform more efficiently than any other link in the supply chain. From industrial gloves to exam / medical gloves, the best distributors around the world count on AMMEX. Our product line features the widest variety of disposable glove products to meet your customer needs. We offer our distributors quality products, outstanding service, competitive prices, and unparalleled marketing support. Anyone can sell you gloves, but only AMMEX can help you sell more gloves!

AMMEX Distribution Atlanta

AMMEX Distribution Seattle

AMMEX Distribution Toronto

Phone: 1-800-274-7354

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AMMEXAMMEX North American Distribution Centers