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Looking for disposable vinyl gloves with the fit and feel of latex gloves? AMMEX has you covered. AMMEX offers an outstanding selection of both industrial grade and exam grade vinyl gloves. Vinyl helps reduce allergic reactions, such as latex allergies, and can be used for activities that require frequent changes of gloves. Our disposable vinyl gloves line up is no exception. AMMEX vinyl exam gloves are latex free and offer superb strength, durability and barrier protection against blood borne pathogens. They are also FDA approved for medical use in industries such as medical, dental, childcare, and senior care. AMMEX industrial grade vinyl is suited for for food service, food handling, plumbing, janitorial, agriculture, paint and other industrial applications. Add an additional layer of hand protection with our powder free AMMEX Anti-Microbial vinyl gloves, perfect for all food service and food processing applications.

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Vinyl Gloves: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Selecting the Best Disposable Vinyl Gloves

Disposable vinyl gloves offer affordable and effective safety and hygiene in a variety of work environments. Vinyl gloves are more cost effective than latex or nitrile gloves while offering adequate barrier protection for light-duty tasks. Vinyl gloves are a popular latex alternative, offering a similar fit and feel of latex without the latex allergens. But with so many disposable glove styles and options, how do you select the right vinyl glove for the job? The ultimate buyer’s guide to selecting the best disposable vinyl gloves from AMMEX will guide you in the selection and buying process.

  1. What is Vinyl?
  2. Which Vinyl Glove is Right for You?
  3. What is Vinyl Industrial Grade versus Vinyl Medical Grade Gloves?
  4. What Vinyl Glove is Right for Your Industry?
  5. What Performance Level do You Need in a Vinyl Glove?
  6. How to Select Size and Color in a Vinyl Glove
  7. Guide to Vinyl Disposable Glove Texture, Finish, and Donning

What is Vinyl?

Vinyl is a synthetic glove material made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Unlike nitrile gloves, which are also made from synthetic materials, vinyl gloves consist of only PVC monomers, making them more cost-effective. Plasticizers are added to the PVC to make the material flexible, otherwise, the PVC would be rigid as it is when used to form pipe. The PVC material also features excellent tactile sensitivity for working with a textured surface. Vinyl is less elastic than nitrile and latex, giving it a looser fit and smooth, comfortable feel. Vinyl is a common latex-free glove alternative to nitrile and latex gloves when allergies are of concern, including the latex proteins of latex gloves or the petroleum properties of nitrile gloves.

Disposable vinyl gloves are an economical choice for tasks that require changing gloves often, making them a popular glove choice for food service, janitorial, and industrial applications. Vinyl gloves offer the barrier protection you need to deal with non-hazardous materials like food contamination, basic household cleanup, common cleaning chemicals or hair dyes.

How to Select the Best Vinyl Disposable Glove

The first step in selecting the best disposable gloves is to determine how the glove will be used and the purpose of the glove. Vinyl disposable gloves are available in two main categories: industrial grade and exam grade.

Industrial Grade Vinyl Gloves are best suited for light-duty industrial applications that involve contact with household cleaning chemicals, hair dyes, or raw meat. Some common questions to ask:

  • Will this glove be used in industrial applications where you need hand protection from common chemicals or food contamination? If yes, then an industrial grade glove with barrier protection is the best choice.

Exam Grade Vinyl Gloves are best suited for applications that require superb strength, durability and barrier protection against blood borne pathogens. Vinyl is latex-free and helps reduce allergic reactions so those with latex allergies can work comfortably. Some common questions to ask:

  • Will this glove be used in the medical industry, such as healthcare, dental, childcare, where you are at risk for exposure to blood borne pathogens? Do you need a loose fit and feel with the sensitivity of latex gloves? If yes, then a medical grade vinyl exam glove with excellent barrier protection will be a reliable choice.

Now that you have determined how the glove will be used continue to the next section “What is Industrial Grade versus Medical Grade?” to discover the differences between industrial grade and medical grade vinyl gloves and which is right for you.

What is Industrial Grade versus Medical Grade Vinyl Gloves?

Now that you have determined your glove’s purpose, it is important to understand the differences between industrial grade and medical grade gloves. The next step is to select the appropriate style glove from either category.

Industrial Grade Vinyl Gloves
Industrial grade gloves are suited for industrial applications that require barrier protection against non-hazardous chemicals and materials. Common industry applications include the janitorial and sanitation, plumbing and painting, beauty, food service and food processing industries.

Medical Grade Vinyl Gloves
Examination grade gloves, commonly referred to as medical gloves, must meet the rigorous testing and safety requirements of the FDA. AMMEX exam grade disposable gloves are FDA approved for medical use and provide excellent sanitation and barrier protection against bloodborne pathogens. Vinyl exam gloves provide a looser fit and feel than latex or nitrile gloves without the threat of allergens. Common industry applications include medical, dental, childcare and senior care.

Now that you have determined the disposable vinyl gloves purpose and the correct industry, the next step is to determine the performance level needed from your vinyl glove. Continue to the next section, “What Vinyl Glove is Right For Your Industry?”

What Vinyl Glove is Right for Your Industry?

Vinyl Industrial Gloves
Vinyl disposable gloves are commonly used in industrial applications such as janitorial and sanitation, food service and food processing, beauty and salon services, child care and senior care and agricultural industries. Vinyl gloves are also a popular choice for home use and can be used for first aid, personal care, pet care, arts and crafts.

Vinyl Food Service Gloves
Disposable vinyl gloves can be used in commercial food service applications such as- restaurants, grocers, catering, and food processing. Institutional food service sectors include school and hospital cafeterias.

Vinyl Janitorial Gloves
Vinyl disposable gloves are the most commonly used gloves in janitorial and sanitation applications. AMMEX antimicrobial vinyl gloves offer extra protection against bacteria with additional protection in the glove material to prevent the growth of microorganisms.

Vinyl Medical Gloves
Vinyl disposable gloves offer an affordable and effective barrier protection against blood borne pathogens and have become a preferred material option when allergies are of concern. Exam grade disposable gloves are FDA approved for medical use and are ideal for use in medical applications such as- child care, dental, agricultural, janitorial and medical fields.

Now that you have determined the disposable vinyl gloves purpose and the correct industry, the next step is to determine the performance level needed from your vinyl glove. Continue to the next section, “What Performance Level is Needed?”

What Performance Level is Needed in a Vinyl Glove?

The performance level of AMMEX disposable vinyl gloves ranges from Premium, Select and Standard levels of barrier protection to match your industry and application. The vinyl glove styles are listed by performance level, and you can browse the styles to see which gloves are suited for your industries application.

AMMEX Premium
Top of the line gloves for all applications. In tough settings, it is important to have a glove that stands up to the job. Premium gloves provide top quality performance for longer duration of use such as tensile strength, tear resistance, flexibility, and sensitivity. AMMEX Premium vinyl glove features range from superior sensitivity and precision to enhanced flexibility and anti-microbial protection. Here are the premium gloves AMMEX offers:

  • AMMEX AntiMicrobial Vinyl Gloves
  • AMMEX Vinyl Exam Gloves
  • AMMEX Stretch Synthetic Vinyl Exam Gloves

AMMEX Select
The perfect balance of performance and price. When you need a mid-level vinyl glove with qualities in between standard and premium grade, select grade vinyl is your best bet. These select grade gloves balance price with performance. They offer a loose, comfortable fit that make the glove breathable and easy to take off when a fresh pair is needed. A vinyl powdered glove is available depending on your needs. Here are some of the select grade vinyl gloves AMMEX offers:

  • AMMEX Stretch Synthetic Vinyl Gloves
  • GlovePlus Vinyl Powdered Gloves
  • GlovePlus Vinyl Gloves
  • GlovePlus Blue Vinyl Gloves

AMMEX Standard
Value leader for general purpose applications. The AMMEX standard glove lineup is a cost effective choice for general purpose disposable gloves. The GPX3 Vinyl series is our standard grade, general purpose glove that provides safety and hygiene suitable for tasks in food service, beauty, paint, janitorial and other applications. These gloves are available in extended size ranges and are offered in 200 count boxes for greater value. AMMEX offers the following standard gloves:

  • GPX3 Vinyl Gloves
  • GPX3 200 Vinyl Gloves

How to Select Vinyl Glove Size and Color

There are many factors to consider when selecting a disposable vinyl glove. After choosing the glove style based on the purpose and the industry application, the proper size and fit are critical to performance and safety.

How to Select Glove Size
AMMEX has taken out the guesswork out of selecting the correct glove size by providing a printable size chart. Once you have printed the disposable glove size chart, you can accurately measure your hand. Please refer to our comprehensive Printable Glove Sizing Chart, which when printed is to scale and will assist you in selecting the correct.

Vinyl Glove Color Options
Vinyl gloves come in a wide variety of colors and are used in color coding in both industrial and medical applications. Color coded gloves can help differentiate sizing, help prevent cross contamination or help designate a type of glove such as vinyl versus nitrile; for example, in an industrial application like food processing blue gloves may be used for poultry and clear gloves for vegetables to help the compliance of food processing workers.

AMMEX color coded disposable gloves are trusted by the most prominent end users including: dental, childcare, beauty and sanitation. AMMEX vinyl color options:

AMMEX Vinyl Disposable Glove Color Options

  • Clear vinyl gloves are ideal for safety and hygiene. You can easily see when the gloves are dirty and require a fresh pair. Clear disposable gloves also make it easy to color coordinate when working with certain products.
  • Ivory is a very natural color. Disposable ivory vinyl gloves offer the look and feel of latex gloves without the latex allergies. AMMEX offers ivory gloves in both exam grade and industrial grade options. AMMEX ivory vinyl gloves are a synthetic stretch vinyl glove material formulated to fit and feel like latex while also offering more elasticity than standard vinyl to minimize strain on your hand muscles.
  • Blue gloves stand out for high visibility and make color-coding easy. Blue vinyl gloves are easy to identify if a piece is broken off into food, making them ideal for food processing and food handling. AMMEX offers industrial grade blue vinyl gloves fit for industrial applications such as beauty, painting, agriculture, and janitorial industries. Our blue vinyl gloves feature excellent sensitivity in the palm and fingertips and are powder free so you do not need to worry about messy powder residue.

Advance to the next section, “Vinyl Disposable Glove Texture, Finish, and Donning” to learn about other important features needed to get the job done.

Vinyl Disposable Glove Texture, Finish and Donning

It is essential to select the right texture, finish and donning features needed to get the job done. Texture is a key consideration when a sensitive touch is necessary. The vinyl glove finish is an important feature to facilitate donning and doffing. Depending on the style, vinyl gloves feature either a polymer coating or a powdered finish to make the glove easy to don.

  • Vinyl gloves feature a smooth finish for enhanced sensitivity in the palm and fingertips. This is essential when your job relies on touch such as dental, medical and agricultural fields.
  • Stretch vinyl is more elastic than the standard vinyl material, offering a snug fit and feel similar to that of latex. If you are required to wear gloves for a longer duration, stretch synthetic vinyl is flexible and minimizes the strain on your hands while working.
  • A finish is applied during the manufacturing process to make donning and doffing easier for powder-free vinyl gloves. A polymer coating is added on the inside of the glove to create less surface friction than the glove material, making it easy to don or doff, especially in wet conditions.
  • Powder-free vinyl gloves do not leave behind a messy residue, optimizing a clean finish after you work; for example when working with sticky adhesives or wet paint. Powder free gloves have a chlorinated or polymer finish to make them easier to don or doff. A powdered glove features a powdered finish which absorbs excess moisture on the hands, making it easy to put on, or remove when a fresh pair is required. Additionally, a beaded cuff around the base makes the glove easier to don and prevents ripping or tearing at the wrist.
  • These gloves are so tough this box may turn out to be a lifetime supply. But then again, my next roll of paper towels may be a lifetime supply, since I'm 67. Seriously, these gloves are tough, and though touted as single use, I've been using the same pair in my woodworking workshop for about two weeks so far. The bright orange color is an added safety measure for me

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  • I've used vinyl gloves before that tear easily. These gloves are way thicker than any glove that I have ever used. I had to change out my garbage disposal for the second time in 18 months! And these gloves helped me do the job. For doing odds and ends around the house I rate this product a 5 star.

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  • These gloves are easy to put on and off. They are very durable and comfortable to wear. Yes, a great way to keep your hands safe!  I give them five stars because I have used other latex gloves and they have been a disaster! But AMMEX gloves are outstanding! Try them and you will see for yourself.

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