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Nylon gloves are woven to be breathable and stretch to maintain the right fit. Nitrile has excellent abrasion and puncture resistance. Combine the two, and get AMMEX Nitrile Dipped Nylon Gloves. Multi-purpose for a variety of work and gardening uses. S-XL, sold 12 pairs per package, 25 packages per case.


Elastic Cuff
Tough Protection and Dexterity
Machine Washable

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AMMEX Nitrile Dipped Nylon Gloves

Let’s face it: Nylon gloves are fantastic.

They’re woven to be breathable to help keep your hands drier, and they stretch to maintain a snug but not constricting fit. In other words, they’re all about comfort.
Then, take nitrile. The latex-free material, with excellent abrasion and puncture resistance, is the primary building block for many of our finest gloves. It’s strong yet supple, durable yet dexterous.

What happens when you combine nylon and nitrile? Well, for one thing, you get AMMEX Nitrile Dipped Nylon Gloves. And that’s fantastic.

These multi-purpose work and garden gloves are made from a nylon shell that has been dipped in nitrile to provide additional protection. Nitrile is strong enough to stand up to oil, cleaning solutions, and common chemicals better than latex. The textured palm and fingertips give them a non-slip grip.

The 100% stretch, 13-gauge nylon shells are non-linting and seamless, so there is no stitching to get in the way of your work, and they deliver a degree of comfort you won’t find in most work gloves.

In addition to being popular for garden work, AMMEX Nitrile Dipped Nylon Gloves are ideal for use in building, industrial construction, assembly, manufacturing, glass, small-parts handling, marine, sheet metal, and general purpose applications that require a high degree of dexterity.

AMMEX Nitrile Dipped Nylon Gloves, which are gray nitrile over white nylon, are sold 12 pairs per package, 25 packages per case, in sizes S-XL. Unlike leather gloves, they are machine washable.

Nitrile has forever changed the disposable glove industry with its excellent barrier protection, superior comfort, and high tactile sensitivity. Pair it with nylon, however, and you have a work glove that gives leather a legitimate run for its money in many applications.

AMMEX Nitrile Dipped Nylon Gloves are the epitome of a winning combination.


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