From carpet cleaners to real estate agents, nobody likes tracking dirt on clean floors or carpets. They slip on AMMEX Shoe Covers. Made of 100% spun-bond polypropylene. Sold in 10 pieces per roll, 10 rolls per bag, three bags per carton, in unisize and XL for size 10.5 and larger.


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AMMEX Shoe Covers

No item of clothing gets as dirty as shoes.

Let’s face it: The law of gravity ensures that dirt and grime and muck always end up on the ground, then on your shoes, to be tracked around wherever you walk.

Protect your shoes—and your environment—with AMMEX Shoe Covers.

Made of 100% spun-bond polypropylene, these “booties” help keep your work area clean from dirt introduced by shoes, as well as protecting your shoes from spills, drips, dust, dirt, and contaminants. Comfortable elastic bands in the ankles stretch to fit over most shoes for easy donning and removal.

The grip-patterned soles come with a rubberized tread for greater traction and improved safety on smooth or damp surfaces.

They are perfect for furniture or appliance movers, carpet cleaners, janitorial or maintenance staff, hospitals, day care centers, nursing homes, or real estate agents, who often use them during open house events to keep floors or carpets pristine. They also are popular in automotive repair and quick-change lube shops.

AMMEX Shoe Covers are available in blue, in two sizes: universal, equivalent to men’s sizes 10.5 and smaller, and extra large, equivalent to men’s sizes larger than 10.5. They are sold 10 pieces per roll, 10 rolls per bag, and three bags (300 pieces) per carton.

Help your shoes stay cleaner, and keep contaminants off carpets and floors, with AMMEX Shoe Covers.

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