Work Gloves

Some jobs require more strength and protection than disposal gloves provide. AMMEX’s has a work glove line-up to meet your customers needs. From latex to nitrile dipped work gloves, to knit gloves, to leather and split cowhide options, AMMEX has you covered.

Latex Dipped Work Gloves

Latex dipped work gloves have a string knit poly-cotton base and are partially dipped in textured latex for better grip. These gloves are used for industrial, construction and landscaping where a strong grip is required.

Nitrile Dipped Work Gloves

These gloves are stretch nylon and partially dipped in nitrile for a strong grip and a comfortable fit. Nitrile dipped gloves are seamless for comfort and have a texture palm and fingers that makes gripping easier. Perfect for industrial, mechanical, construction, landscaping and warehousing.

Dishwashing Gloves

Beyond what their name implies, dishwashing gloves are well suited for a variety of uses in the home, industrial facilities and commercial kitchens. The extended 12” cuff provides additional protection. The gloves are 17 mils thick to protect the wearer’s hands and are flock lined for comfort and textured across the palms and fingers.

String Knit Work Gloves

These gloves are made from cotton and polyester and are well-suited for industrial, warehouse, landscaping and gardening applications. Choices include double PVC dots for better grip and double wear.

Work Glove Liners

Sold in both cotton and nylon varieties, workers are able to use these glove liners inside other gloves or on their own. Nylon glove liners are lint free, making them well-suited for inspecting products. Cotton glove liners make heavy duty work gloves more comfortable.

Knit Work Gloves

Brown jersey knit gloves are a cotton and polyester blend and come in two sizes.  These great all purpose gloves are fleece-lined, making them comfortable for light industrial, construction and landscaping.

Leather Work Gloves

AMMEX offers leather gloves for a variety of uses. Split cowhide gloves with a rubberized cuff offer more protection, and are fleece lined in the palm reduce impact. These gloves are great for industrial, construction, landscaping.

  • These gloves are so tough this box may turn out to be a lifetime supply. But then again, my next roll of paper towels may be a lifetime supply, since I'm 67. Seriously, these gloves are tough, and though touted as single use, I've been using the same pair in my woodworking workshop for about two weeks so far. The bright orange color is an added safety measure for me

    AMMEX GWON Gloveworks Orange Nitrile Glove Review
  • I've used vinyl gloves before that tear easily. These gloves are way thicker than any glove that I have ever used. I had to change out my garbage disposal for the second time in 18 months! And these gloves helped me do the job. For doing odds and ends around the house I rate this product a 5 star.

    Ammex VPF Vinyl Latex Free Disposable Glove Review
  • These gloves are easy to put on and off. They are very durable and comfortable to wear. Yes, a great way to keep your hands safe!  I give them five stars because I have used other latex gloves and they have been a disaster! But AMMEX gloves are outstanding! Try them and you will see for yourself.

    Ammex VPF Vinyl Latex Free Disposable Glove Review II
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